Seafood Manager

Seafood Manager



Responsible for receiving product and ensures that aisles/freezers and refrigerators are stocked, labeled, clean and delivered product is packed out, and proper customer service is provided.

Essential Functions:
– Ensure proper customer service and works to develop relationships with large customers.
– Supervises all activities in the Seafood Department including product placement, rotation, signage, and displays. Is responsible for overall department appearance, cleanliness, and adherence to both government and corporate ordinances. Must maintain records as required. In the role of Seafood Manager, he/she will oversee the Assistant Seafood Manager (if applicable), Seafood Supervisors (if applicable) and Stockers to assure that the Seafood Department is operating in a manner that adheres to company standards.
– Reviews inventory for product rotation on a daily basis to prevent shrinkage and damages.
– Ensures that shelf pricing is correct and reflects the most recent pricing and market conditions.
– Supervises the receiving of all seafood products and ensures that the proper paperwork is completed.
– Maintains accurate computer inventory levels by having physical inventories performed on a regular basis and adjustments made.
– Maintains refrigerated equipment and makes sure maintenance contracts and schedules are followed.
– Supervises the ordering of seafood products from vendors on a regular basis to assure we have competitive pricing and minimal shrink due to spoilage and not have too much inventory on hand.
– Makes sure all the employees in the department can work the equipment such as Toledo scale and Dennison label machine.
– Coordinates that the pallets stored in the racks have the proper block and date tags.
– Follows program to maintain the cleanliness of the area by a regular maintenance schedule of scrubbing, and pulling out pallets and cleaning underneath.
– Performs weekly self audits of the Seafood Department.



Shift start: 6:00AM or 9:00AM
Shift length: 9 – 10 hours
5 days/week, must be available any day


  • Health, dental, vision insurance – available after 90 days
  • Paid time off
  • 401(k) plan


  • Can lift 50 lbs
  • Must be at least 18+ years old

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