< Div><P> Position Title: Faculty/Instructor< /p><P>Department: Program Development< /p><P>Reports To: Senior Supervisor, Staff Training & Development< Br><Br> POSITION SUMMARY</p> <P>This position is directly involved in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the agency’s comprehensive employee training program and training provided to the community at large.

This position requires a comprehensive understanding of adult learning principles, teaching methods, and group facilitation skills.< Br><Br> CATEGORIES OF DUTIES</p> <Div><Ul> <Li>Assists in the coordination and standardization of in-house and agency-sponsored community training and conferences.< /li></ul> <Ul><Li> Ensures a high-quality standard for all agency staff and community training by implementing and adhering to adult learning principles and the latest understanding of education and teaching methods.< /li></ul> <Ul><Li> Facilitates in-house training, as per staff training guidelines.< /li></ul> <Ul><Li> Collaborates in training-related activities, including preparing relevant documentation materials, reviewing training curriculum outlines, researching articles fore-learning initiatives, preparing PowerPoint presentations, developing training evaluations, and supporting other training activities as assigned.< /li></ul> <Ul><Li> Attends, as necessary, in-services, educational, and capacity-building trainings.< /li></ul> <Ul><Li> Attends internal and off-site training planning meetings as assigned.< /li></ul> <Ul><Li> Networks to develop training contacts and collaborations that further expand the scope of the agency training programs.< /li></ul> <Ul><Li> Provides organization, flexibility, and creativity to the training department.< /li></ul> <Ul><Li> Performs other duties asassigned by immediate supervisor.< /li></ul> </div>< Br><P>< Br>EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE< /p><P>Master’s Degree in a health-related field plus a minimum of 3 years work experience as a health educator and/or trainer or BA/BS degree in the health-related field plus a minimum of 5 years work experience as a health educator and/or trainer.< Br><Br> SETTING</p>< P>Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc.

(TTC) is a non-profit corporation, which provides behavioral healthcare services, including substance use disorder (SUD) treatment.< Br><Br> EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER< /p><P>Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc.

does not discriminate as to race, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation and disability in its hiring practices.< Br><Br> ADA REQUIREMENT</p> <P>Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc.

supports the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Discrimination is prohibited in all aspects of employment against disabled persons, who, with reasonable accommodations, can perform the essential functions of a job.< /p><P>#SJ2021< /p></div>

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