Multiple Myeloma RN

Provides and accurately documents nursing process components and relevant interventions for direct and indirect patient care services that ensures the safety, comfort, personal hygiene, and protection of patients in a timely manner.
• Provides experienced care and patient education on disease prevention and restorative measures.
• Provides comprehensive care services to patients, including, but not limited to, the administration of medications and therapeutic agents vital to implement treatment, disease prevention, or rehabilitative plan of care.
• Performs skin tests, immunizations, phlebotomy and the initiation of peripheral venous access.
• Observes, evaluates and expeditiously alters care plan based on signs and symptoms of illness, reactions to medications/treatments, general behavior, and/or general condition.
• Demonstrates assessment skills, integrating appropriate data sources to assess the signs, symptoms, reactions, behaviors, or general appearance to determine normal versus abnormal characteristics.
• Plans and implements individualized patient care in collaboration with interdisciplinary teams based on observations. Implements appropriate reporting, referrals and care in accordance with standardized procedures. Initiates emergency procedures when indicated.
• Provides care to special patient populations and patients with diverse cultural backgrounds. Identifies patient’s readiness for learning and ability to follow our processes and give consent.
• Makes special adjustments to patient care to the specific populations needs, including cultural, spiritual, age, psychosocial, communication, gender, sexual orientation, economic, education, family and condition needs.
• Identifies and assesses patient safety concerns with respect to age and developmental considerations. Intervenes to provide a safe environment and evaluates efficiency of intervention for patient.
• Supports the department meetings and initiatives passionate about improving nursing outcomes and the work environment.
• Provides assistance to co-workers, new staff, temporary staff and students.
• When assigned charge nurse responsibility, coordinates unit activity throughout the shift, including the authorization of
Incidental overtime, initiates chain of command as appropriate.
• Participates in at least 50% of unit meetings and provides constructive input to assist in unit direction.
• Functions as a change champion and agent and participates in departmental quality improvement activities.
• Participates in the completion of required skills and proficiencies

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