DIalysis Registered Nurse Manager

Apheresis Collection Manager

Pay: $135k/year

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm

Location: Northridge, CA 91329

***Sign-On Bonus***

Job Summary for Apheresis Collection Manager:

The Apheresis Collections Manager works under the supervision of the Associate Director, Donor Room Operations as the lead RN and supervisor of the apheresis donor room staff. Responsible for the training and scheduling of donor room staff to perform complex and extended specialized whole blood and apheresis blood component collections required to provide requested human-derived biological materials to customers in accordance with standard operating procedures and/or Institutional Review Board approved research protocols. Also performs these procedures as a member of donor room staff. The Apheresis Collection Manager participates in CAPA development and execution for the donor room. Also serves as donor room lead for management of donor room medical supplies inventory, working in coordination with local site facilities lead and procurement department.

Apheresis Collection Manager Requirements:

  • Highly experienced RN with valid CA nursing license.
  • 5 years’ blood collection or transfusion service experience preferred.
  • Experience with apheresis collection procedures using varied equipment is a plus.
  • Familiar with current regulatory requirements and blood banking and HCT/P regulations and standards.

Apheresis Collection Manager Responsibilities:

  • Day-to-day supervision of donor room staff including Registered Nurses and apheresis techs/phlebotomists.
  • Works with executive management and local site management at the site to identify and fulfill donor room staffing and subject recruitment needs to perform research studies in accordance with protocol requirements.
  • Schedules donor room staff and coordinates with donor recruitment staff on scheduling of donors for prescreening activities and product collection schedules.
  • Serves as a resource to donor room staff related to technical aspects of blood product collection and compliance with protocols.
  • Performs screening of potential donors to determine eligibility for participation in biorepository protocols as an active part of the donor room team.
  • Monitors donors during participation in study to assure continued eligibility to participate. Performs documentation as required by individual research protocols related to blood product collection procedure and associated testing.
  • Performs whole blood collections from normal healthy donors and donors with active medical disorders using standard and specialty blood bags to obtain products requested by the customers.
  • Performs apheresis product collections from normal healthy subjects, donors who may have been pre-treated with medications to assist collection of the product (mobilization program), and donors with active medical disorders using TerumoBCT Optia apheresis platform.
  • Oversee Bone Marrow product collections from normal healthy donors and donors with active medical disorders using standard and specialty blood bags to obtain products requested by the customers.
  • Monitors donors during blood product collections and provides care as needed, handles adverse reactions as needed, tends to hygiene needs associated with prolonged blood product collections, instructs on post donation care.
  • Responsible for maintaining pharmaceutical inventory of GCSF and plerixafor.
  • Responsible for giving injections of G-CSF, plerixafor, or combination of both underneath supervision of Medical Director when required for donors who are participating in mobilization protocol. Injection series normally also include evenings and weekend days to complete injection series. Lead RN will work with donor room staff to establish injection schedule coverage.

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