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Greetings, my name is Justin Mucciolo, and I oversee the Army Health Care Team’s talent acquisition efforts here in the Southern California area. Every day there are brave men and women in this country that make sacrifices to protect the freedoms and liberties that we all enjoy. I am contacting you to provide information about opportunities for service, providing top-notch care to these brave individuals and their families, part-time in the U.S. Army Reserve.


Qualified physicians are eligible for up to a $75,000 signing bonus and up to $250,000 for Student Loan Repayment in addition to their salary. Additionally, Army Reserve Physicians are eligible for excellent health care through Tricare at low monthly premiums of $46.09 the individual and $221.38 per family.


So, what is service like in the Army Reserve? In the Army Reserve, physicians work a total of about 38 days annually. This is typically broken down to one weekend per month, and then a two-week training stent each year. As a physician, your time serving will be as just that, a physician. You will practice evidence-based medicine, train other service members about health care, and advise Unit Commanders on the health and welfare of their Units. During the rest of the year physicians practice at their regular job in their local private practice or hospital.


I know how valuable your time is, if you are interested, I would like the opportunity to speak with you about these opportunities, determine your eligibility, and answer any questions that you may have. We are looking for bright and dynamic physicians that share our values of selfless service and providing excellent care. If you share these values, you may be the right fit for the Army Medical Department.


Keep in mind that while the financial incentives and benefits are generous, the greatest reward is knowing that you’re making a difference providing care to the best patients in the world, service members and their families.


I look forward to hearing from you, thank you again for your time.


SSG Mucciolo, Justin

6th MRB Los Angeles

Office phone: 310-417-4990

Cell: 502-999-4619

Fax: 310-417-4981

SSG Justin M | LinkedIn

The minimum requirements to apply:

•  Applicants must be a US Citizen or Naturalized Citizen (INS 550) for Regular Army (RA) or a Permanent Resident (INS 551) for Army Reserve (AR).

• RA and AR applicants must have a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or Osteopathy Degree (D.O.) from an accredited US school of medicine or osteopathy


Foreign graduates may apply if they have a permanent certificate from the Educational Council of Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG).

• Must have completed at least 1 year of an approved Graduate Medical Education (GME) internship.

• Must hold a current, valid, active, and unrestricted license to practice medicine in the US, District of Columbia or Puerto Rico.

• Must be at least board eligible.

As far as time obligations the minimum time you can serve is 2 years, but I advise that you do more to maximize your incentives (5 years)

Financial Incentives May Vary by Specialty:

Remember that the following information is based off information available for Fiscal year 2023 and represents full potential estimates for General Surgeons that are subject to change. 

For Active Duty Service, you would receive the following compensation:

· Board Certification pay $6,000 (annual)

· Critically Short Wartime Specialty Accession Bonus up to $400,000 (for a 4-year commitment)

· Health Professional Loan Repayment Program $120,000 (paid $40,000 annually)

· Rank Pay of minimum of Captain (Rank based on your credentials/ prior service/ years of practice # of residencies, internships, and fellowships)

· Health Benefits (Medical, Dental, Psych, Vision, Audiology Free)

· Housing rate paid by rank and family size (Not Taxed)

· Access to VA home and business fixed rate loans

· No Malpractice insurance Required

·  Reduced Patient load        

In the Reserve Component:

· Board Certification pay $6,000 (annual)

· Critically Short Wartime Specialty List Incentive up to $75,000 (for a 4-year commitment)

or (not Both)

· Health Professional Loan Repayment Program $250,000 (paid $40,000 annually)

· Rank Pay of minimum of Captain (Rank based on your credentials/ prior service/ years of practice # of residencies, internships, and fellowships)

· Health Benefits (Medical, Dental, Psych, Vision, Audiology)

·  Access to VA home and business fixed rate loans

· Annual Requirement of 38 days. (One Weekend per month and a Two-week training event) (Some credential maintenance requirements can fulfill weekend responsibilities upon approval)

· Health Benefits (Medical, Dental, Psych, Vision, Audiology Paid Approximately $40 Monthly $200 for Family)

·  Unit will be located no more than 150 miles from your residence

·  If deployed, you would have approximately 8 months’ notice and could not deploy for greater than 90 days at  a time

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Description: JOB SUMMARY Perform administrative and certain clinical duties under the direction of provider. Prepare and maintain treatment rooms, drape and position patients, hand equipment, supplies, and instruments to provider.