Community Dental Home Coor OHU

Overview: The Community Dental Home Coordinator (CDHC) position was designed to increase access to dental care for children ages 0-5 and perinatal patients. The CDHC duties will include but limited to: oversight (parental/family education), dental home referral coordination, evaluation and training.

The CDHC will facilitate the availability of caries prevention services to families of young children and Perinatal patients who are affiliated with AltaMed Medical clinics without a dental home. In so doing, the CDHC facilitates referral to one of AltaMeds Dental Clinics. The CDHC works closely with CPSP, CPHW, Medical and Dental Providers, support staff, Administrators, Dental supervisors, Parents, Children and Community members.

The primary goal of the CDHC is to influence a change in culture for Parents, AltaMed teams at the medical clinics, along with the communities they serve. This role promotes early intervention for the “oral prevention program”. The CDHC will increase parents awareness in such matters as, education about anticipatory guidance, oral disease, and improve oral health outcomes for the children 0-5 and Perinatal patients.

The CDHC role will reflect a standardized and coordinated process for Medical/Dental Integration, including internal and external referrals. The CDHC will provide clinical preventive services as needed, assist in follow-up to referrals for dental treatment, and report on activities to achieve LEM goals. Responsibilities:

May be required to prepare and deliver oral health presentations, along with potential care options, explaining the benefits of good oral hygiene to patients and their families at various sites.

May be required to set up and coordinate outreach activities at Health Fair and similar community events.

Schedule, and confirm appointments; perform reminder calls.

Verify insurance/other related eligibility requirements while performing financial screenings.

Proactively manage patient flow to reduce cycle time and enhance the experience for patient and staff.

Timely and accurate submission of encounter tickets and other appropriate documents.

Assure billing accuracy and timeliness by verifying provider data entry during documentation.

Assure access to dental care for children, ages 0-5 and perinatal patients, using case management style approach, which includes but not limited to managing up patients goals and referrals and assists in patient activities.

Plan and implement oral health services to address barriers that limit access to children 0-5 and perinatal patients.

Cultivates and maintains relationships with referral sources and multi-disciplinary team that includes but not limited to medical, dental, prenatal providers, case managers, outreach, Call Center and outside sources.

Offer input into the workflow to foster standardization at the medical sites visited.

Performs cares risk assessment, management goals and preventive services as needed.

Prepare handout materials, dental supplies, and recording forms necessary for services visits

Maintain personal dental supply inventory necessary to provide services to families and children.

Comply with OSHA, CDC, HIPAA, and State Dental Regulations at all times.

Schedule follow-up visits and conduct follow-up visits with parents and children based on individual child need.

Work with program dental professionals to determine individual child follow-up needs

Maintain current knowledge of oral health as well as different type of dental benefits and insurances.


Must possess a secondary school degree or equivalent, Bachelors Degree desi rable but not preferred.

High school diploma or equivalent coupled with a minimum of a 2 year experience as a customer service agent, greeter, or receptionist role or similar experience volunteering (AltaMed Fellow).

Proficiency in MS Office applications, including MS Word, MS Excel and Outlook required.

Experience with Electronic Dental Records system.

Experience in Dental and FQHC preferred.

Knowledge of specific issues related to Oral Health education for children, adolescents and pregnant women highly desirable.

Bilingual – English/Spanish preferred.

CPR/First Aid certificate also required within 30 days of employment in this position.

Spanish language proficiency required (but not preferred) in addition to English.

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