Social Worker Case Manager (Msw), Care Management

< P><Span style=” Color: #808080; font-size: 10pt; “>PIH Health is a nonprofit, regional healthcare network that serves approximately 3 million residents in the Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Gabriel Valley region.

The fully integrated network is comprised of PIH Health Hospital
– Whittier, PIH Health Hospital
– Downey and PIH Health Good Samaritan Hospital, 27 outpatient medical locations, a multispecialty medical (physician) group, home healthcare services and hospice care, as well as heart, cancer, women’s health, urgent care and emergency services.< /span></p> <Br/><P> <Span style=”Color: #808080; font-size: 10pt; “>The MSW interviews and evaluates patients and family members to identify social, emotional and economic factors which may interfere with obtaining maximum benefits from medical care; develops and implementsa social work treatment plan to be offered to patients and family; selects and utilizes community resources as part of the treatment plan; makes referrals to and coordinates with other professional disciplines or agencies; provides psycho-social therapy using a variety of treatment methods; participates in multidisciplinary health team conferences to formulate the overall patient care plans by interpreting to the team the psycho-social aspects of the patient’s illness; assists in the coordination of the discharge plan< /span></p> <Br><H2> Required Skills</h2> <Div class=”Row” ><Br/>< Div class=”Col-xs-12 col-sm-12 col-md-8″ ><Br/>< Ul><Br/> <Li><Span style=” Font-size: 10pt; color: #808080; “>Demonstrated skill in patient assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation.< /span></li> <Br/><Li> <Span style=”Font-size: 10pt; color: #808080; “>Strong communication skills, verbal, non-verbal, written and oral.< /span></li> <Br/><Li> <Span style=”Font-size: 10pt; color: #808080; “>Familiarity with regulatory agency requirements, policies and protocols.< /span></li> <Br/></ul> <Br/></div> <Br/></div> <Br/><Div class=” Oracletaleocwsv2-paginationbar” ><Span style=” Color: #808080; “> </span> </div>< Br/><P> <Span style=”Color: #808080; “> </span> </p><Br> <H2>Required Experience< /h2><Ul> <Br/><Li> <Span style=”Color: #808080; “>Master’s Degree from an Accredited School of Social Work.< /span></li> <Br/><Li> <Span style=”Color: #808080; “>Registered as an Associate Clinical Social Worker issued by the California Board of Behavioral Science< /span><Br /> <Span style=”Color: #808080; “> strongly preferred.< /span></li> <Br/><Li> <Span style=”Color: #808080; “>Evidence of continuing education.< /span></li> <Br/><Li> <Span style=”Color: #808080; “>Priorexperience in a healthcare setting preferred.< /span></li> <Br/><Li> <Span style=”Color: #808080; “>Familiarity with regulatory requirements related to reporting of child/elder abuse, substance use/abuse, child protective custody, adoptions, and other legal requirements.< /span></li> <Br/></ul> <Br/><P> <Span style=”Color: #808080; “><Strong> Certification:< /strong></span> </p><Br/> <Ul><Br/> <Li><Span style=” Color: #808080; “>Current Basic Life Support (BLS) card from American Heart Association.

< /span></li> <Br/><Li> <Span style=”Color: #808080; “>LA City fire card within 6 months of employment< /span></li> <Br/></ul> <Br/><P> <Span style=”Color: #808080; “>The organization is recognized by Watson Health as one of the nation’s Top Hospitals, and College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) as one of the nation’s top hospital systems for best practices, cutting-edge advancements, quality of care and healthcare technology.

PIH Health is certified as a Great Place to Work < Sup>TM</sup> .

For more information, visit < A style=”Color: #808080; ” href=”Https://www.Pihhealth.Org/” >PIHHealth.Org< /a> or follow uson < A style=”Color: #808080; ” href=”Https://www.Facebook.Com/PIHHealth/” >Facebook</a> , <A style=”Color: #808080; ” href=”Https://twitter.Com/PIHHealth” >Twitter</a> , or <A style=” Color: #808080; ” href=”Https://www.Instagram.Com/pihhealth/” >Instagram</a> .</span>< /p>

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