Director of Operations

The Director of Clinic Operations is responsible for the overall planning, development, coordination, implementation and management of Clinic Operations in accordance with accepted policies and procedures. This includes personnel oversight, on- going monitoring of key performance indicators, ensuring current standards are met and maintained. The primary focus of the position includes, but is not limited to, day-to-day operations, communication, and interoffice coordination to ensure service quality and financial management. In coordination with other department leaders, this role spearheads the standardization of processes across the health center in a way that contributes to an enhanced experience for staff and patients.


• Provides Administrative oversight to the daily operations of the clinics • Develop, define and Monitor Key Performance Indicators.

• Establish new policies and procedures and update existing policies to improve operations and maintain compliance.

• Oversee all record-keeping processes and ensure all necessary documents are accurate and up-to-date.

• Plans with education department orientation and in-service training for staff members

• Responsible for on-going performance evaluation, guidance and development of personnel • Works collaboratively with other leaders to ensure an integrated system for delivery of care. • Leads monthly meetings and is responsive to other meetings and committees as required. Communicates outcomes appropriately. • Provides insight/direction to operating departments regarding methods that may result in improved operating performance or efficiency and/or improved interdepartmental collaboration and cooperation. • Ensures all staff meet highest competency levels to ensure patient safety and satisfaction. • Maintains compliance with all regulatory standards and OSHA guidelines. • Functions as direct council for administrative issues (patient/staff concerns, complaints). • Support in development, implementation and evaluation of training for staff in the use of new products, equipment, and procedures; assess educational needs, and plan and implement programs to meet educational needs.

Director of Clinic Operations Job Description 2

• Support and promote a structured project management approach to all initiatives.

• Support and promote change management principles when approaching projects.

• Prepare presentations for executive leadership as needed to update on project progress. • Participate in budget planning and long-term operational planning.

• In collaboration with the Chief Operating Officer (COO), participates/leads in process improvement and development within the organization.

• Collaborate with COO for long term planning and integration of departments. • Serves as a collaborative partner to the other organizational leaders to ensure operational efficiency across all areas. • Perform other duties as assigned by COO.


• Attend meetings, team huddles and assigned trainings.

• Address in a timely manner, correspondence which includes but is not limited to Outlook, MS Teams, and other communication platforms

• Utilize resources to remain informed of organizational communication (i.e. Intranet, Microsoft Teams, organization newsletter, etc.)

• Comply with all policies, procedures, guidelines, and workflows and other officially published documentation.

• Perform safe work practices to protect the health and safety of employees and patients per OSHA regulation.

• Protect individually identifiable health information per HIPAA & HITECH regulations.

• Complete all required compliance training within the established timeline.

• Utilize the incident reporting system as needed.

• Focus on fostering interdepartmental communication- communicating effectively with senior leaders, site leaders and front-line staff from various departments to ensure stakeholders are well-informed and staff have needed resources.

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