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The Smidt Heart Institute reflects Cedars-Sinai’s steadfast dedication to heart disease and research innovation giving patients access to the highest level of care. Year after year, thousands of people trust their hearts to Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai. Our cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and specialized care teams treat the full spectrum of heart disease and disorders, while our investigators continue to advance the field with groundbreaking, life-saving research. From genetic counseling and targeted drug therapies to a growing array of minimally invasive procedures, Cedars-Sinai continues to stand at the forefront of technology, innovation and discovery improving patient outcomes.

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You will work independently and in collaboration with the Principal Investigator to make significant and creative contributions to a research or creative project in any academic subject area.  You may be an ongoing member of a research team or may be employed for a limited period of time to contribute high-level skills to a specific research or creative program.  Project Scientists are not required to carry out independent research or to develop an independent research reputation and do not have teaching responsibilities.  Ordinarily, the Project Scientist title will carry out research or creative programs as well as administration of day-to-day lab operations with supervision by a member of the Professorial Series.  


– May assist in preparation of grant proposals, submissions, publications and presentations but is not responsible for generating grant funds.

– May serve as PI for certain grants as approved by supervising member of the Professorial Series.

– May participate in publications and presentations as author or co-author. 

– May develop, adapt and implement new research techniques and protocols.  

– Assists in lab experiments.  

– Analyzes, interprets, summarizes and compiles data.  

– May lead or train Staff Research Associates and Research Fellows.

– Will assist in day-to-day laboratory activities.

– Appointees on an academic trajectory will be encouraged to commit a portion of their time to developing an independent range of research.

Department Specifics: 

Project Scientist, Center for Cardiac Arrest Prevention (CCAP), Smidt Heart Institute

The ability of deep learning and machine learning to predict human disease events from patient data is an area of active interest and exploration. Our team in the CCAP at Cedars-Sinai includes physician-scientists, data scientists, computer scientists, biostatisticians and bioinformaticians passionate about high impact cardiovascular clinical research in the field of sudden cardiac arrest, by leveraging cutting edge machine learning techniques.  This position is a meaningful role for a motivated individual with background in scientific computing, data management, and operating systems to implement machine learning algorithms within the healthcare system. 

As an application specialist, you lead and manage data workflows between imaging (PACS) systems, machine learning pipelines, and clinician interfaces through integration with third-party APIs and development of clinician user interfaces. Desired skills include proficiency with Python, OpenCV, Pydicom, SciPy, and PyTorch.  Crucial tasks for this role will include crafting pipelines for data collection, clinical data abstraction, processing data, maintaining record systems, and debugging deep learning training pipelines. 

Additional responsibilities include the opportunity to participate in making strategic data-related decisions by analyzing and manipulating data and building models to assist in the clinical and operational setting, create balanced data science infrastructure and adhere to data analysis/machine learning best practices, and test the adaptability of machine learning models.

•    Work independently with supervision and consultation with Principal Investigators and other members of the research group

•    Leads and analyzes data for research studies 

•    Processes clinical data using a range of computer applications and database systems to support cleaning and management of subject or patient data.

•    Crafts pipelines for data collection and analysis.

•    Analysis of research data using PyTorch, Scipy, and applicable analysis applications and packages

•    Maintains the accuracy, integrity and security of sophisticated, large computerized records systems.

•    Participate in publications and presentations as an author. 

•    Designs and performs experiments with colleagues and collaborators

•    Participates in required training and education programs regarding protecting patient data, best practices with research integrity and applicable laws.

•    Understands regulations, policies, protocols and procedures to control and maintain accurate records.


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