Postdoctoral Scientist – Urbanowicz Lab – Computational Biomedicine

Principal Investigator, Dr. Ryan Urbanowicz, is seeking a Postdoctoral Scientist to join the Department of Computational Biomedicine!

The Department of Computational Biomedicine reflects Cedars-Sinai’s commitment to advancing medical discovery and the recognition of the foundational role complex data plays in our research and clinical care. We are recruiting multiple postdoctoral research fellows to join the URBS-lab (Unbounded Research in Biomedical Systems) within the newly established Department of Computational Biomedicine at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center (CSMC). We welcome applications from highly motivated candidates who enjoy innovative thinking.

Are you ready to be a part of breakthrough research?

The URBS-lab focuses on the development and application of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical methodologies targeting a variety of domains and data types within biomedical research. Emphasis is placed on developing methods that are interpretable/explainable, scalable to ‘big data’, and capable of detecting complex patterns of association. Current research focuses on automated machine learning, rule-based modeling, feature selection, and evolutionary optimization. Other areas of interest include (but are not limited to) rare-variant analysis, data simulation, data integration, heterogeneous patient subgroup identification, time-series analysis, deep learning, and identifying and correcting for biases. We are a highly collaborative lab with access to EHR, genomic, and other ‘omics’ data in areas of research such as obstructive sleep apnea, congenital heart disease, pancreatic cancer, transplantation donor-recipient matching, and hospital readmission. To learn more, please visit Urbanowicz Research Lab | Cedars-Sinai

Working independently but in close cooperation and in consultation with Dr. Ryan Urbanowicz and other research scientists, the Postdoctoral Scientist will perform routine and complex computational, mathematical, and statistical procedures throughout the training period. As a Postdoctoral Scientist you may develop, adapt, and implement new techniques, algorithms, analysis pipelines, and software, as well as analyze, interpret, summarize, and compile data.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • May assist in the preparation of grant proposals, but is not responsible for generating grant funds.
  • May participate in publications and presentations as author or co-author.
  • Designs and performs experiments. Will keep appropriate experimental records and documentation and analyze the results with the Principal Investigator.
  • Analyzes interpret, summarizes, and compiles data.
  • Operates and maintains equipment and instruments.
  • May observe MD-patient or MD-human research subject interactions as it pertains directly to research being performed.


  • Doctorate (MD, PhD, VMD, or DDS) in computer science, computational biology, data science, bioinformatics, biomedical informatics, biostatistics, engineering, or a related quantitative field is required.

Experience and Skills:

  • Competitive candidates will be proficient in scientific writing having published in more than one of the areas mentioned as well as experience with algorithm development/application.
  • Including a cover letter and publication examples (first authorship) are preferred, but not required.
  • Independently works on research projects designed in collaboration with one or more mentors within an area of specialization.
  • Acquires thorough technical and theoretical knowledge of research projects and objectives during one to five (1-5) year post-doctoral appointment.
  • Demonstrated aptitude to perform experimental protocols and procedures, including detailed data collection.
  • Knowledge of safety standards and maintenance of specialized equipment.

Working Title: Postdoctoral Scientist – Urbanowicz Lab – Computational Biomedicine
Department: Computational BioMedicine
Business Entity: Academic / Research
Job Category: Academic/Research
Job Specialty: Postdoctoral
Position Type: Full-time
Shift Length: 8 hour shift
Shift Type: Day
Base Pay:$64,500.00 – $93,600.00

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