Experienced Real Estate Agent

Job Description

Are you an experienced real estate agent ready to transition from solo endeavors to a dynamic team environment? Eager to elevate your already-successful career to the next level with the support of a team? If you’ve consistently demonstrated expertise in real estate, thrive on discipline, innovative systems, and a positive culture, we’re eager to connect with you!

In this role, your seasoned experience will play a pivotal part. Beyond listing and managing sales, you’ll be expected to lead by example, networking with a diverse range of clients, from buyers to investors. Given the nuanced nature of these interactions, your impeccable interpersonal and administrative skills will be invaluable. With your insights, you’ll navigate clients through the sales maze, ensuring they achieve the best value for their assets.

Our ideal candidate will be a dedicated full-time real estate agent, oozing with coachability, leadership, and a touch of creativity. With the real estate terrain constantly shifting, we’re seeking strategic thinkers and team players who can carve unique pathways to captivate potential clients.

Prior experience in sales, customer service, or marketing will further bolster your fit for this role. Note: A valid real estate license IS mandatory for consideration.

Job Responsibilities

  • Spearhead intricate market analyses to unlock new avenues for our distinguished clients.
  • Supervise intricate transactions with precision, ensuring a seamless and professional experience.
  • Maintain a pulse on local market nuances, staying ahead of recent home sales and trends.
  • Provide seasoned advice to clients on optimal staging techniques for swift and lucrative sales.
  • Help clients prepare their homes to placed on the market.
  • Mediate during sales and purchasing negotiations to advocate for clients’ best interests.

About Hiring Marketplace

At Hiring Marketplace, we work with many team leaders under various local brands that provide the support, structure, and services needed by agents who are tired of going solo. Real Estate Teams are often the best environments for agents to thrive and grow without having to do it alone.

With the help of your dedicated agent advocate, Hiring Marketplace puts you in control of your real estate career goals by connecting you with the top real estate teams in your local market. When you submit your profile through the Hiring Marketplace, we match you with the team leaders that are the most committed to your growth–saving you time in the sponsoring process and helping you find the best fit for you.

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Our Equal Opportunity Promise

We are committed to fair hiring practices and operate as an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion, or nation of origin. We pride ourselves as being exceptional leaders and members of our community and we’re committed to treating all our potential employees with the same level of care and respect.

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