ESL one on one tutor – Remote | WFH

About Us: We are a dynamic online platform dedicated to delivering top-notch one-on-one live classes to students worldwide. We’re passionate about connecting learners with qualified native English teachers hailing from the Philippines. We’re committed to offering meticulously crafted curricula developed by seasoned teaching and research teams, leveraging Oxford Thinker for our teaching materials. Our curriculum caters to students aged 5-13, with a mission to foster exploration, nurture interests, and boost academic performance through captivating and inspiring learning experiences. What sets us apart is our utilization, facilitating seamless interaction between teachers and students. Job Opportunity: Join our team and teach globally from the comfort of your own home, enjoying the flexibility and convenience it offers. Here’s what you can expect: Embrace remote work, setting up your teaching environment wherever suits you best. Enjoy year-round teaching opportunities, ensuring a consistent workload for stability. Tailor your teaching schedule to accommodate your lifestyle and personal commitments. Connect with a supportive and friendly team dedicated to facilitating smooth interactions with your students. Access a wealth of prepared teaching materials and resources to enrich your lessons. Enhance your skills and unlock doors to future career growth with paid international training opportunities. Receive competitive compensation, recognizing your dedication and effort in teaching. Engage with a diverse range of students through personalized one-on-one lessons, leaving a lasting impact on learners of all ages. Minimum Qualifications: To thrive in this role, you’ll need: Proficiency in English. A Bachelor’s degree in any field or higher education. At least one year of online teaching experience. Teacher certification such as a 120-hour TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, or equivalent. A desktop or laptop with a webcam, Intel i5 (10th gen) or higher, 8GB RAM or higher, and Windows 10 or higher. A stable wired internet connection. Essential peripherals including a 1080P webcam, noise-canceling headphones, and a quiet environment conducive to teaching.

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