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Join Our Team at Millet Little Tokyo! 

Are you ready to turn your passion for delicious food into a delightful part-time opportunity? Look no further! Millet Little Tokyo is on the hunt for an enthusiastic and dedicated team member to join our crew.

Who We Are:

At Millet Little Tokyo, we pride ourselves on crafting mouthwatering crepes that bring joy to the hearts and taste buds of our customers. Our cozy store in the heart of Little Tokyo has become a hub for foodies and crepe enthusiasts alike.

What We’re Looking For:

We’re seeking a new team member who is not only excited to learn but also eager to dive into the art of crepe-making. Your enthusiasm for creating delectable treats should be infectious, and your willingness to learn and grow with us is essential. Previous experience in food preparation is a plus, but what truly matters is your passion and dedication.


  1. Cooking and Assembly: Operate crepe-making equipment to cook crepes to perfection. Pay attention to cooking times, flipping techniques, Skillfully assemble fillings and toppings.

  2. Food Safety and Hygiene: Adhere to strict food safety and hygiene standards, including proper hand washing, glove usage, and maintaining a clean and organized workspace.
  3. Menu Knowledge: Have a thorough understanding of the menu offerings, including various crepe options, fillings, and toppings. Be able to answer customer inquiries about ingredients and preparation 
  4. Efficiency: Maintain a steady pace during peak service hours while ensuring each crepe is cooked to perfection. Manage time effectively to avoid long wait times for customers.
  5. Presentation: Pay attention to the visual appeal of each crepe, ensuring that they are presented attractively and consistently. Garnish crepes with appropriate toppings to enhance their appearance.
  6. Cleanliness: Participate in daily and closing cleaning routines to keep the cooking area and equipment sanitized and well-maintained.

Job Details:

  • Position: Part-Time Team Member
  • Availability: Weekends are a must
  • Location: Millet Little Tokyo, 330 E 2nd St Unit C Los Angeles CA 90012.

Why Join Us:

  • Learning Opportunity: If you’ve always wanted to master the delicate balance of creating the perfect crepe, this is your chance! We provide comprehensive training to set you up for success.
  • Fun Environment: Millet Little Tokyo is a place where creativity and teamwork thrive. You’ll be part of a close-knit team
  • Delicious Perks: As a team member, you’ll have the chance to savor our delectable crepes and enjoy discounts on our menu items.

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