Coordinator, Facilities Development (Los Angeles)

The Facilities Development Coordinator works to support all Department activities. Plans and organizes the work order system, assigns work to supervisors and engineers, and reviews the documentation to assure the work is completed on schedule. Maintains department database, project schedules, project and facilities documentation, and purchase order system. Supports Safety, Security, Hazardous Material and Waste, Emergency Preparedness, Life Safety, Medical Equipment and Utility Systems programs. Gathers, organizes and maintains information for efficient access, and develops and maintains spreadsheets and reports. Revises Policy and Procedures to comply with changing regulations. Ensures that requests for information and services are accurately responded to in a timely and appropriate manner.

Establishes and maintains manual and automated filing systems/spreadsheets to update and track information, such as tools to monitor Construction, Remodel and Renovation projects of facilities. Prepares documents and correspondence, demonstrating excellent writing, editing, proofreading skills. Assists the Director of Plant Operations with the preparation of required documentation required by DNV, DHS, CMS. Schedules required meetings (e.g. construction, safety, education, etc.) and transcribes meeting minutes.

Administers contracts in the Department (e.g. architectural, professional engineering, construction, operational, etc.). Administers CER Tracking Program and Purchase Order System for the Department. Informs management of the status of CER’s. Ensures that Accounting receives accurate and timely documentation.

Interfaces with staff and other members of department/administrative team to serve as a liaison for hospital/department. Maintains awareness of, reviews and revises department Policies and Procedures, as assigned. Ensures that requests for information are accurately responded to in a timely and appropriate manner. Maintains confidentiality and ensures HIPAA compliance. Organizes and maintains all Projects documentation, Insurance, Performance Bonds, RFP’s, Scope of Work, IOR Daily Inspections, OSHPD Field Reviews, Change Orders, Project Cost, Bid information and other construction documents. Performs reception functions, including excellent telephone coverage. Effectively uses all applicable computer and office systems/procedures to coordinate documentation, data, and information to ensure timely communication and smooth operations. Ensures appropriate inventory of supplies and proper functioning of equipment.

Minimum Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent required. Associates or Bachelors Degree preferred. Minimum Experience: Three (3) years of related office, business or administrative experience. Must demonstrate customer service skills appropriate to the job. Must be able to read, write and communicate effectively in English. Computer literacy and proficiency in MS Office Suite. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships across. Understanding of basic medical terminology. Ability to maintain a work pace appropriate to the workload. Ability to multitask and prioritize needs to meet timelines. Previous experience in a maintenance department preferred. Req. Certification/Licensure: None.

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