Compliance Specialist- Low Income Housing Tax Credit Programs

Job Description

The Compliance Specialist reports to the Director, Compliance and is responsible for ensuring Abode Communities’ portfolio, which is currently comprised of 39 properties, remains in compliance at all times with the requirements of various local, state and federal agencies including, but not limited to, the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (TCAC), the California Debt Limit Allocation Committee (CDLAC), the California Department of Housing & Community Development (HCD), the US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), the County of Los Angeles Community Development Commission (LACDC), and the Housing Departments and Housing Authorities of various cities including Los Angeles, Pasadena and Long Beach. The Compliance Specialist is also responsible for maintaining current and accurate affordability mix abstracts for all properties in the portfolio and working closely with the Property Supervisors and Property Managers to ensure actual tenant income and rent levels meet eligibility requirements. Finally the Compliance/Occupancy Specialist is responsible for tenant file reviews, audits, onsite file reviews, tracking and completing certifications, and input into property management software (Boston Post).

Responsibilities and duties include, but are not limited to the following:

Conduct site audits to ensure compliance to policies and regulatory agreements, procedures regarding waiting list, resident files, and filling systems.

Support the annual income recertification process for the portfolio. Conduct internal annual recertification audits to ensure files are accurate and meet compliance requirements.

Maintain and regularly update the Compliance Calendars for reporting requirements, audits and inspections.

Prepare annual SRIs for HCD funded properties and regulatory requirements.

Responsible to complete Urban Future reporting requirements as needed.

Conduct files audits on site at properties in preparation for audits/inspections from various agencies, not limited to: TCAC, HCD, HOME, Urban Futures, County and City Audits.

Ensure required reports are received timely from on-site staff as requested by TCAC for scheduled audits and inspections, PSRs, rent rolls, audit/inspection notices. Reports must be reviewed for accuracy prior to sending to any agency requesting the information.

Attend site audits.

Assist with lease-ups: Oversee the application intake and logging of applications during the lease-up period to ensure all applications are accounted for and properly logged on a waiting list. Prepare the unit designation spreadsheet and oversee the application process to meet lease-up schedule. Assist in other areas including applicant interviews, file review and approval as needed throughout the lease-up process.

Review and approve move in files for the properties in compliance with regulatory restrictions applicable to each property.

Conduct a post move-in file audit to ensure the file contains all pertinent documentation and required forms and lease.

Ensure the move-in process in Boston Post is completed.

Update utility allowance schedules and make appropriate changes in Boston Post. Plan of action must be discussed and approved by the Compliance Manager prior to implementation.

Coordinate Compliance and Occupancy training for staff.

Respond to staff’s compliance questions.

Assist with Work Number requests from site staff.

Provide feedback to the Property Supervisors of Property Management of staff’s performance of compliance responsibilities for annual performance evaluations.

Assist the SVP and Director, Compliance with other property management matters and situations which may be outside Occupancy as required.

Ability to analyze necessary portions of Regulatory Agreements

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