Digital Delivery Technician (4pm PST)

Company: Company 3
Position: Digital Delivery Technician
Location: Los Angeles, CA – Hybrid
Hours of Operation: Shift Start: 4:00pm PST


Company 3 is seeking a Digital Delivery Technician to join our team in Los Angeles.


  • Responsible for the safe and secure handling of sensitive client digital assets for broadcast, home video, OTT and theatrical client deliverables.
  • Will work with data from a variety of sources and is charged with transcoding, capturing, migrating, archiving, verifying and preserving these assets.
  • The level of detail, accuracy, and timeliness that our clients demand requires that the SDDT be extremely detail oriented, efficient, and motivated.
  • Will work with many different media and file types including, but not limited to: VTR formats, frame-based sequences (video), stream/container based video (compressed and uncompressed), audio files (compressed and uncompressed), and metadata.
  • Needs to have working knowledge of all file types currently used in FILM/TV production and distribution as well as current broadcast/streaming/theatrical trends and HDR workflows.
  • Must be adept in the use of editing/playback/transcoding tools including, but not limited to: Easy DCP Creator, Resolve, Clipster, Final Cut Pro, Transkoder and Adobe CS to capture, edit, transcode and convert files according to client needs.
  • Effective, efficient communication with both technical and non-technical staff as well as limited client interaction will be required as well.


Digital Delivery Technician (DDT) should be familiar with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS operating systems and feel equally as comfortable using both GUI and command line interfaces for each.

  • An aptitude for problem solving and multi-tasking.
  • Strong background in and aptitude with various Operating/Computer Systems
  • Comfortable performing tasks in a shell (command line) environment
  • Working knowledge of DCP and IMF creation and tools
  • Approximately one year of experience in a post-production/studio environment in a technical capacity is preferred
  • Familiarity with all common file and tape-based video formats
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to multi-task and keep track of ongoing projects
  • Ability to cooperate, contribute, and integrate in a team environment
  • Extremely detail oriented
  • Flexible with the ability to work in a fast-paced demanding environment
  • Flexibility to work overtime and/or weekends with little or short notice
  • Experience with Resolve, Clipster, Premier, Final Cut Pro 7, Encoding/Transcoding Apps is a bonus
  • Experience with secure digital delivery systems is a bonus
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office/Outlook, Google Suite
  • Ability to create simple shell scripts (Linux) to perform repetitive tasks

About the Company:

Company 3 / Method Studios provides a full range of Creative Services for content creators, including conceptual design, pre-vis, look development, ideation and rapid prototyping, 3D animation/CGI, motion graphics/designers, matte painting, compositing, dailies and production services, color grading, post-production finishing, marketing/trailers, live-action production, experiences, and more.

Diversity and Inclusion at Company 3:

Creativity has diversity at its core. We celebrate the value of each unique experience by being dedicated to fostering the most diverse, equitable and inclusive culture where every employee feels empowered and safe to show up to work as their full self.

It is our policy is to provide equal employment opportunities to all applicants and employees. Please inform the company’s HR representative if you need assistance completing any forms or to otherwise participate in the application process.

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