Postdoctoral Scientist – Cancer Research Cluster

At Cedars-Sinai, postdoctoral scientists and other junior researchers fulfill a critical role in expanding the horizons of medical knowledge through biomedical research. By hosting more than 100 postdocs, who conduct vital research and receive advanced training with expert faculty mentors, Cedars-Sinai supports the ongoing medical education process that continues beyond PhD/MD graduation.




The diverse group of research labs involved in cancer research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centerand within the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute conduct basic and translational research in many cancer types including breast, prostate, lung, liver, leukemia, lymphoma melanoma, pancreas, gastric, glioblastoma and ovarian cancer. Their projects cover a wide range of topics, including extracellular vesicles, cancer stem cells, drug delivery, drug design, cancer genomics, cancer metastasis, cancer immunology and cancer microenvironment with the goal of discovering and implementing more effective ways to diagnose, treat and prevent various forms of cancer. Postdoctoral researchers serve as the driving force behind these research endeavors. Recognizing the need to connect and support the postdoctoral fellows in cancer biology, the Cancer Cluster will provide a new platform for postdoctoral fellows to exchange ideas, share their accomplishments and progress, seek constructive feedback for research-related issues and obtain advice on career development and training. Through organized social events and research retreats, the Cluster will encourage discussion and multidisciplinary collaborations among postdoctoral fellows. Any suggestions or ideas for activities to strengthen the interactions and bond among cluster members are welcome.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:


  • May assist in preparation of grant proposals, but is not responsible for generating grant funds.
  • May participate in publications and presentations as author or co-author.
  • Designs and performs experiments. Will keep appropriate experimental records and documentation and analyze the results with the Principal Investigator.
  • May develop, adapt, and implement new research techniques and protocols.
  • Analyzes, interprets, summarizes and compiles data.
  • Performs routine and complex laboratory procedures throughout training period.
  • Operates and maintains equipment and instruments.



Doctorate (MD, PhD, VMD, or DDS) in area directly related to field of research specialization within previous four (4) year





Why work here?

Beyond an outstanding benefit package and competitive salaries, we take pride in hiring the best, most committed employees. Our staff reflects the culturally and ethnically diverse community we serve. They are proof of our dedication to creating a multifaceted, inclusive environment that fuels innovation and the gold standard of care we strive for.

Working Title: Postdoctoral Scientist – Cancer Research Cluster
Department: Cancer Resrch Ctr Health Eqty
Business Entity: Academic / Research
Job Category: Academic/Research
Job Specialty: Postdoctoral
Position Type: Full-time
Shift Length: 8 hour shift
Base Pay:$64,500.00 – $93,600.00

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