Director of Legal Recruiting

Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities

Strategic Planning

· Collaborate with key internal stakeholders to identify both immediate and long‐term talent acquisition needs, aligning them with the firm’s overarching business objectives.

· Monitor recruiting trends to develop innovative strategies for attracting high‐caliber lateral hires and summer associates, while keeping abreast of industry best practices.

· Craft and execute a dynamic 3‐year legal recruiting strategic roadmap, complete with actionable milestones and key performance indicators. Sourcing of Candidates

 · Proactively identify candidates through diverse avenues such as internal referrals, digital channels, targeted campaigns, and legal search firms.

· Partner with the Marketing Team to amplify the firm’s brand presence across target law schools and legal communities via strategic campaigns.

 · Work with the Marketing Team to identify areas for content development and placements for digital and social media, further enhancing the firm’s recruitment outreach.

· Serve as the public face of the firm in legal recruiting circles, actively engaging in industry events, conferences, and meetings.

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