Travel Rad Tech – $2,180 per week in Los Angeles, CA

AlliedTravelCareers is working with Amare Medical Network to find a qualified Rad Tech in Los Angeles, California, 90048!

Pay Information
$2,180 per week

About The Position
Radiologic Technologists work at doctors offices, hospitals, labs and imaging centers to operate X-ray, CT, mammogram, sonogram and MRI machines among other imaging equipment. Their role is to coach the patient through a scan and use computers to collect information about their health.


Job Requirements

Required for Onboarding

  • Core Mandatory Part II (Allied)
  • Radiation Therapist – Skills
  • Radiology Technologist

Top Reasons to Work in Travel Healthcare

  1. The excitement of exploring new destinations and immersing yourself in diverse cultures adds a sense of adventure and discovery to your career.
  2. Travel healthcare allows you to break out of routine and embrace spontaneity, keeping your work life dynamic and engaging.
  3. Travel healthcare offers opportunities for professional development and continuing education, keeping your skills sharp and up-to-date in a rapidly evolving field.
  4. You’ll gain exposure to different healthcare technologies and practices, broadening your knowledge base and adaptability in a tech-driven industry.
  5. Travel healthcare offers opportunities for career advancement and leadership roles, recognizing your expertise and contributions to the field.

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