Physical Therapist

About Luna
Founded in 2018, Luna has quickly emerged as the leading in-home tech-enabled physical therapy platform. Over 3000 PTs choose Luna to empower their practice by avoiding burnout and enabling renewed hope in their profession. Luna is proud to partner with outstanding organizations like Emory Health, Powerback, HopCo, Providence, Evergreen, Scripps, UCLA, AARP, and more – further solidifying our commitment to exceptional healthcare delivery. Learn more at or simply apply here to express interest in speaking with a clinician from our therapist acquisition team!

Job Description

We are looking for experienced and collaborative clinicians to provide outpatient PT services to patients in their homes in the Los Angeles, CA (and other nearby locations). This is outpatient therapy delivered to the patient‘s home, NOT typical home health. As a physical therapist, your job is fully centered around helping others. Often we find that PTs feel burnout and exhaustion from their career path. There has to be a better way, and it takes technology, community, and equitable compensation.

We offer autonomy, flexibility, & work-life balance
Therapists succeed when they are given the freedom and independence to do what they do best. That’s why our model allows you to choose when you want to see patients during any hours/days of the week. Luna enables you to decide. Do you need a full schedule of patients, or just to supplement your standing clinic hours? Luna offers the platform to create just what you need.

We provide competitive compensation, Concierge service, and technology you won’t get anywhere else
Alongside competitive compensation, regular bonuses, and instant payment, we‘ve developed support and technology with the physical therapist‘s well-being at the top of our minds. From safety, cancellations, and billing, to finding the patient‘s home or facility; unique issues can make the independent therapist‘s job more challenging than expected.

Built for PTs and their well-being
No productivity standards
More work = more earnings
Enjoy increased autonomy with unmatched support
Eliminate burnout and reclaim your love for the profession!
Reimagining a tech-enabled physical therapy experience
Luna Auto-Charting automates the time-consuming process of documentation
Luna‘s Safety Shield for a convenient and safe experience for our PTs
Luna Exercises to deliver an integrated care experience by prescribing and monitoring workouts via the Luna app
Geofencing technology to match patients based on your specialty and location (within 30 minute drive)
Instantly receive payments that are direct deposited and visible in-app!
Job Requirements
State-specific PT license
Reliable, personal transportation for therapists practicing outside city centers
1+ years of experience
Liability insurance
Join the Lunaverse!
Job Types: Part-time, Contract, Per diem
Benefits: Flexible Scheduling, Referral Program
Medical specialties: Geriatrics, Home Health, Neurology, Orthopedics, Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine, Sports Medicine
Schedule: Choose your own hours
Work Location: On the road
In addition to regular bonuses and eligibility for $3,000 sign on bonus.

Luna Values

Care Exceptionally
We value safety and trust even when mistakes occur. We prioritize open and purposeful communication, addressing concerns early and often. We apply creative and innovative efforts aimed at enabling the success of our patients, therapists, physicians, partners, and team members.
Incredibly Relentless
We prioritize persistence even over immediate success. We understand that continuous effort often leads to greater long-term achievements. We empower each other to make decisions, and approach our goals deliberately and holistically.
Be Impactful
We prioritize fewer high-impact goals over lots of low-impact goals. We are decisive, yet keep an open-mind. We assume positive intent, and hold one another accountable. We know that the details matter, and take ownership in solutions that prioritize the patient and therapist experience.
Become 1% Better, Every Day
We value continual growth over the professional ‘comfort zone.‘ We have a culture of curiosity and an obsession for constant improvement. We believe there‘s always a better way to do things. We celebrate our successes and learn from our failures.%{{advertiserId}}% %%{{category}}%%

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